Tradition and lightness, luxury and the joy of living – what’s the connection? See for yourself at the carefully renovated, heritage protected Chalet Hafling, the house on the Leckplått. A place of comfort, brimming with life lived to the full. Walls that tell stories, rooms that welcome guests with benevolence. An ideal world.


The Leckplått – is a traditional name and is actually a slab of rock, on which our house was built 500 years ago. It’s no surprise that it still stands here and will do so for many generations to come. This is our time now and, we know how to enjoy it. But sharing is a pleasure in itself and we want to share the delights of our holiday home. Get to know our house on the Leckplått, and you’ll also learn something about us.

Hafling near Meran

Hafling is located about 10km from Meran, the city immortilised by the frequent visits of the Empress Sissi. Famous too for its thermal baths, the botanical gardens at Castle Trauttmansdorff and of course the racecourse – a keyword! Yes, that’s us! Hafling is the home to a special breed of horses, famous throughout the Alps -strong, blonde worker bees, on which one can rely on in the mountains.