One year has flown

Michaela – just like my own experiences:

„For me, it’s always a time of great excitement when new guests arrive. You can sense the immediate bond during the first spoken exchanges and glances. I honestly take great pleasure in giving advice and making suggestions to my guests, always in an individual and personalised manner. It’s just the way I am. My wish is that guests live an unforgettable experience, returning home with warm and lasting memories. I want them to get to know Merano, Hafling and South Tyrol and have the pleasure of meeting the locals, people from my land, who will make them feel at home here too.

Artificial doesn’t exist here. All things are natural and genuine. The entire house is original and judging by our guests’ reviews, we have definitely followed the right path and made the right choices. Comments such as, “the house transmits a sense of wellbeing, like in a fairytale, a childhood dream” – warms my heart. It’s so interesting to see how our guests discover and make use of the different parts of the house – the bench surrounding the “stufa” gets transformed into someone’s bed. The wine cellar, satisfies every curiosity and it’s contents, produced on our farm, make perfect souvenirs.

The most beautiful thing, it has to be said, is the pleasure of being together – to chat, laugh and settle down in the “Stube” to reminisce about days gone by. Nevertheless, there’s also space to take time out alone.“