Savour the Flavours of South Tirol

Every season offers an abundance of tasty delicacies and these can be found in our Products Corner. Try out the selection we have left for you in the Chalet.  Everything is homemade, of course! You will also find a list of all our delicious products available for purchase, along with a price list. Get acquainted with the flavours of South Tirol at home in the Chalet!

Our assortment of farm produced products include:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables and aromatic herbs to order – or pick your own, for free, from the chalet gardens (depending on the season)
  • Fresh apples (with varieties according to the season, from mid-August to November (to order)
  • Fresh eggs from our farm hens (to order)
  • Jams: cherry, prune, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, pear, apple, quince, blackcurrant
  • Syrup: Elderberry flower, prune, blackcurrant, bergamot
  • Dried aromatic herbs for hot drink infusions: elderflower, peppermint, sage
  • Dried aromatic herbs for seasoning: oregano
  • Tomato sauce, from our Italian family recipe
  • Chutneys and Mustard: fig, pear, tomato
  • Dried Fruit: apple, pear, persimmon
  • Pickled Courgettes and Chanterelle mushrooms