All-round service in an exceptional time

Be carefree, have breakfast at your own garden table under our Tannenbaum tree whenever it suits you.  Birds chirping, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows and horses are all part of the day in the neighboring meadow. Find your own rhythm of rest and activity.

How we support you:

with a fresh bread service from the local master baker
with our daily breakfast service
with our lightning-fast fiber optic internet
with many new delivery services such as:
Michelin star level food by Anna Matscher from the “Restaurant zum Löwen” ,
rural kitchen by Martha Thaler from the Zmailerhof,
Gelato from the 1477 RH manufactory,
flowers and even rental mountain bikes.

In addition otherwise fulfills all sorts of wishes.


I’m in the forest …

… I may be late and it may actually happen to you, how Peter Handke once wrote.  And how good that would be – for the eyes, heart and soul! In the forest, on foot or on horseback on the famous Haflinger horses.

Not to be missed: the “Knottnkino” *, an open-air cinema on the high plateau of Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000, not far from our chalets. The 24-hour cinema program: mountains, sky, clouds, weather, flowers. Something new and fascinating every day ideally with “Südtiroler Marende” (snack with speck, cheese and bread) in your backpack.There are now new routes from the “Knottnkinos” on the porphyry rocks Rotstein-, Beimstein, and Timpfler Knott with imaginatively designed rest and viewpoints.


*„Knottnkino“: South Tyrolean for rock and open-air cinema


Safety first! Travelling safely in these times!

Our Chalets Hafling – your safe, secluded, vacation spot in the mountains.

Here, where the southern sun kisses the slopes of the Alps and you are right in the middle! Celebrate with friends, with children, grandchildren, grandma and grandpa. Nice thought, isn’t it? We breathe easy! The desire for a vacation is back. A change of scenery is so good, provided health and safety can be provided. Beautiful, luxurious and at a safe distance, you can vacation in our Chalets Leckplått and Zoila here in Hafling, our tranquil mountain village near the spa town of Meran. Everything is here for a wonderful carefree holiday – for your own: your own garden and barbecue area, sauna and sandpit together with and lots of very spectacular nature. Hafling is also very easy to reach by car.

We are well prepared for your visit and want your time with us to be really carefree. There is pre-check-in, self-check-in, various hygiene measures and disinfection, our shopping service and the redesigned information folder in the chalet. In the unlikely event that you need them you can reach numerous private clinics in Meran and the surrounding area within 10-20 minutes by car, where you can have a quick test or an antibody test done for Covid-19.

Travelling safely! Public life has resumed in South Tyrol, albeit in a new, safer way. From 3 June 2020 the borders are open.
Answers to the most important questions about your next holiday in South Tyrol are available here.

Savour the Flavours of South Tirol

Every season offers an abundance of tasty delicacies and these can be found in our Products Corner. Try out the selection we have left for you in the Chalet.  Everything is homemade, of course! You will also find a list of all our delicious products available for purchase, along with a price list. Get acquainted with the flavours of South Tirol at home in the Chalet!

Our assortment of farm produced products include:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables and aromatic herbs to order – or pick your own, for free, from the chalet gardens (depending on the season)
  • Fresh apples (with varieties according to the season, from mid-August to November (to order)
  • Fresh eggs from our farm hens (to order)
  • Jams: cherry, prune, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, pear, apple, quince, blackcurrant
  • Syrup: Elderberry flower, prune, blackcurrant, bergamot
  • Dried aromatic herbs for hot drink infusions: elderflower, peppermint, sage
  • Dried aromatic herbs for seasoning: oregano
  • Tomato sauce, from our Italian family recipe
  • Chutneys and Mustard: fig, pear, tomato
  • Dried Fruit: apple, pear, persimmon
  • Pickled Courgettes and Chanterelle mushrooms

Our Breakfasts, Your Choice

We’d love to spoil you!
Leave us to prepare the table.
All you need do is gently wake up!

All year round, we can be on hand to prepare delicious, hearty breakfasts and serve them in the Chalet.  Alternatively, you can choose our packed Breakfast Basket with natural, local products, all homemade, of course.

The list is endless…Coffee, South Tirolean milk, hot chocolate, *herbs tea, *apple juice, *fruit syrups (elderberry, blackcurrant, plum and lemon balm…), *jams (raspberry, plum, black cherry, pear, apple, strawberry, apricot), south Tirolean butter, “Meran” yoghurt or our *yoghurt, South Tirolean cheese, salami and speck produced by your hostess’s father! (Kofler Viktor – Speck, sausages, cheese in Lana), *eggs from our farm hens, *fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms or our farm, honey, *homemade cake, *dried fruits, *muesli, *stewed apples and pears, *apple sauce and a choice of bread. (*all the products printed in italics come from our own Tschenglser Farm in Meran)

Make your choice, then leave the rest to us.  There’s no rush (from 8.00 till 11.00 am). Start the day in a relaxing yet energy giving way.
Breakfast in a Basket, from 18 euro | Breakfast at the table served, from 24 euro

If you’d like a packed lunch for one of your trips or excursions, or rather as we say in South Tirol – a backpack with a “Holbmittog” (hearty snack), we can prepare this based on your requirements.
Or, if you’d love to experience a South Tirolean “merenda” (afternoon snack) or dinner – the Bauernstube awaits you!


Wintertime! Ski resort Merano 2000

Our chalet is situated directly below the ski and excursion resort of Merano 2000, only three minutes away.

Merano 2000 suits all tastes, offering a vast array of skiing opportunities for experts and beginners, snowboard, sledging,; cross country skiing, snow walking… For families – “Lucky’s Kinderland” is an ideal playpark, created with little skiers in mind or for those who want to take it easy! “Bob Alpino” will satisfy those looking for the adrenalin rush. Then there’s the occasional “skijöring” evening with Avelignesi ponies (a winter activity where skiers are pulled along by a pony).

The typical “Kaiserschmarrn” (sweet omlette), piping hot soup, dumplings, speck and much more. Merano 2000 offers many cosy huts and restaurants. There’s a ski school, equipment hire shop and locker facilities for skis, and much more. Here, winter arrives at the beginning of December and continues right through until the end of March. This is all thanks to the location of the plateau above Merano and Hafling, which sits at an altitude of 1,600 and 2,300 metres – with a corresponding panorama!

One year has flown

Michaela – just like my own experiences:

„For me, it’s always a time of great excitement when new guests arrive. You can sense the immediate bond during the first spoken exchanges and glances. I honestly take great pleasure in giving advice and making suggestions to my guests, always in an individual and personalised manner. It’s just the way I am. My wish is that guests live an unforgettable experience, returning home with warm and lasting memories. I want them to get to know Merano, Hafling and South Tyrol and have the pleasure of meeting the locals, people from my land, who will make them feel at home here too.

Artificial doesn’t exist here. All things are natural and genuine. The entire house is original and judging by our guests’ reviews, we have definitely followed the right path and made the right choices. Comments such as, “the house transmits a sense of wellbeing, like in a fairytale, a childhood dream” – warms my heart. It’s so interesting to see how our guests discover and make use of the different parts of the house – the bench surrounding the “stufa” gets transformed into someone’s bed. The wine cellar, satisfies every curiosity and it’s contents, produced on our farm, make perfect souvenirs.

The most beautiful thing, it has to be said, is the pleasure of being together – to chat, laugh and settle down in the “Stube” to reminisce about days gone by. Nevertheless, there’s also space to take time out alone.“